The Magic of Tinderella

So it begins: the tell-all blog of my dating life.

This past summer, my 4 year relationship from college ended. I had also landed a job with a young company that made me incredibly happy. So, diving into my work seemed natural and consumed most of my time. 

Well, 60 hour weeks don’t set up a girl in a big city for much of a dating life.

And, as we all know, the best way to get OVER someone, is to get UNDER someone else.

Ah, the magic of technology. Tinder, Match, Coffee Meets Bagel, personal referrals from my network, Grouper, Plenty of Fish… the list goes on..

Here is the problem: quick and popular online dating avenues takes away the one thing that fuels dating someone forward–chemistry.

If I look at the pictures of the men I have loved in my past, I would never have “swiped-right” given the opportunity to choose. We can’t pick who we love. YET, these magical sites allow us to. They allow us to judge, by physical appearance and wit, people geographically close to you and decide whether or not they are the next MR. RIGHT.

It all seems so silly and counter-intuitive.

And it is.

Which brings me to this blog: the stories and tribulations of dating in the city of love, San Francisco. Where dating is easy, finding a relationship isn’t, and it’s all a crazy adventure.

Get ready.

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